Thursday, December 11, 2014

The Daily Grind: Mornings

I currently have several posts in draft.  You can expect some upcoming posts about neurofeedback, vision therapy, a guest blog post ADHD book review, and autism & anxiety.  Every morning I get started on something but don't post it because I haven't had time to proof it.

Transition home for my oldest son has gone smoother than anticipated but not without a few bumps.  One of which being not much time once I returned to work.  Here is a typical schedule.

5am wake up call - I adjusted to this easier than I thought.  2 hours earlier than usual.  The clock is set 20 minutes fast per my husband's brilliant idea years and years ago.  I hit snooze at least three times even though I put the clock just far enough away that I have to get halfway out of bed to do it.

6am high school bus - yup, only an hour to get my oldest son up, toleted, dressed, fed, and medicated.  My husband was up with me for the first two to two and a half weeks.  He would cook eggs and bacon and I would do all the hygeine and dressing.  This early wake up affected his RA.  By week three his hands were stiff and gripping things was hard.  So I try to have a batch of pancakes in the fridge to re-heat so my husband can sleep later.  Usually there is 15m to watch an episode of Clifford the Big Red Dog on Netflix.  My QT with my oldest son.

Then I have an hour to read my Bible, pray, write, and have coffee.   Unless the bus was late but that only happens when there is a substitute driver.  The usual driver if very consistent.  So I pray for her when the bus is off schedule because I know that means she is out sick.

7am elementary school wake up call - easier said than done.  I hear this is common with kids with ADHD but maybe it's just because he's a kid and he's comfortable in his bed.  Or he just takes after me.  Basically, even though he goes to be on time and gets enough sleep- I still have to literally steal his blankets and drag him out of bed.  This is more cheerful than it sounds.  There is lots of giggling involved.

This calls for contingency plans.  So depending on how long this takes he might not eat breakfast at home.  I keep his school lunch account filled up so he can eat breakfast there at a more relaxed pace.  If he's really having a hard morning, which might include refusal to wear pants and insistence on wearing shorts, then I have cereal bars that he can eat in the five minutes it takes to get to school.

7:30am college and elementary Mom-mobile - ok. This is the time were are supposed to leave.  Sometimes it's later.  If all goes as planned, college drop off if first and then elementary school because it's closer to my job.  Worst case scenario is elementary drop off first then work and then a break a few hours later to run my college student.  It helps that as a job coach I have a work site near there.

8am My calling.  Their job is my job. No changes to this but my oldest son goes from school directly to day support services.  I'm out of time this morning so, transition talk shall have to be continued.


Time to steal the blankets! 

and wake up the mini-figs!

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  1. Sounds very familiar! It is amazing what we moms do before 8:00 a.m!


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