Friday, December 19, 2014

Holidays and Special Diets

It's that time of year again.  The time of year when sticking to a diet is really hard.  I'm not even talking about calories and waistlines.  My boys need different things in their diet but there are a few common things.

No BHA,BHT,TBHQ - the nastiest preservatives.  There are others that I try to avoid but I'm a working Mom so I do the best I can with my limited time.  Sometimes I need prepared foods.

No concentrated sweets for my older son due to past history of SIBO, that's small intestine bacteria overgrowth.  He gets 4-6 oz of juice twice a day and that is only to mask a liquid medication that he takes for seizures. He does not have a sweet tooth so it's not as hard as it sounds but he does like cookies. My younger son is on Paleo so no or low refined sugars or flour (or red sauce!). He burns them up too quick.  This helps avoid the sugar hype and the sugar crash that make his ADHD look more like a mood disorder.  Sometimes I can't keep my honey and high protein flours stocked.

My replacement for Ritz.
We are not currently gluten free but headed that way.  Why?  Because one or both boys are not going to be compliant if I haven't replaced their favorite foods.  My older son will grab other people's food and my younger will sneak it.  So far they are not in cahoots.  So, I'm working on getting my husband and daughter on board too so that the whole house will be GF and prevent contamination. My older son is more sensitive and gets GI issues from it.

I'm sure you can tell I'm not a food nazi.  Getting into power struggles with my family doesn't help with compliance to the diet I would have them eat nor does it teach them how to make goo choices when they are in someone else's care.  My older son is awesome as long as I make what he likes, he's full, and people don't leave stuff sitting out.  He's an opportunist.  He also has people always taking care of him and documented GI issues.  No one wants to give him off diet foods.  It makes their job harder.

My younger son is learning to draw conclusions of how different food affect his mood, energy, and behavior.  This is not to be confused with causing his behavior.  It's just harder to make good decisions when you tend towards impulsivity and burning off sugars gives you tons of quick energy.  He's learning how to eat for long term success and not just immediate gratification. He has to work for off diet sugary treats and he only gets one.  I get to determine how much homework, chores, and good behavior earns the treat.  Sometimes he will trade for Mom-approved treats if I've had time and money to shop for them or make them.  Often he just wants to have them and forgets to eat them one he gets the treat home. 

I found a double size package of my Salmon at Wal-mart near me.

So what am I sending for my younger son's class Winter Fest?  Salmon, Cream Cheese, and Glutino Crackers.

The smoked salmon has full of good ADHD stuff like lean protein, omega 3s, and choline.  These Crackers taste just like Ritz.  We usually keep Japanese rice crackers on hand because everyone likes them but they don't go well with cream cheese and salmon.  School only allows packaged foods to be sent in so they can read the labels for kids with allergies.  No one in the class is allergic to fish.  My son normally bring this in his lunch box so I'm just sending more of it.

Stay tuned for GF pancake reviews this weekend.  
This is my older son's favorite Holiday food.  (besides the ham).

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