Saturday, December 6, 2014

Everyday blessings

Just thought I'd post a few things that make my daily life easier to run.  Grocery shopping and keeping the house stocked with supplies is difficult.  I can't just run to the store when ever I want.  My oldest son can only tolerate shopping of 3-5 items and doesn't understand the social rules of standing in line to pay.  If he decides to shut down due to sensory needs we will be sitting on the floor hand flapping or he will walk out the automatic doors without waiting for me to pay.  I have left carts of groceries before.  My younger son tries to get me to buy more than I planned or his just talking so much I forget something. 

Some tips for shopping with someone who has sensory issues.
  • Take the stroller and keep trips small.  If the stroller is outgrown use a waagon.  This make shopping more fun.  Of course there are a variety of shopping cart seating these days. 
  • When these options get too small and try flip the front of the cart up so he could climb inside.  The carts are made to flip up so the carts can nest but this will make it easier on your back than lifting a bigger child into the cart for a ride.  
  • Teach your child to push the cart.  It's good heavy work sensory input.  Just keep shopping trips small and highly rewarding at first.  My oldest son loves to shop for his lunch snacks.  Chips, Yum!
  • Use your check card to pay.  It's a bit faster for someone who is learning how to stand in line.  Even better if the trip was small and you can use the express lane.
  • Do not shop between 5p and 7p M-F.  Those are peak hours.  Mornings are the slowest time.

Wal-mart App and Savings Catcher

This app is on my WiFi tablet and  I scan my receipts.  The app matches sales prices on my groceries and I get it back as an eGift card.  Then I used the app to buy some items that my oldest son needs monthly due to his disability.  Baby wipes, unscented and alcohol free, omega 3 supplement, and Culturelle.  I threw in a pair of hard to find 29in inseam jeans to bring the total to $50 for free shipping.  With eGift card automatically pulled over it made his monthly order simple.  This is my go to place for items I need in bulk.  This app is good for Sam's Club also.

Harris Teeter Home Shop

Harris Teeter Express Lane Home Shop is great for when I can't drag my oldest son through the store.  I use this for a mid-week grocery run.  You log in from home and shop.  They still take coupons but it's applied to your next order.  They do substitutions on sale items it they are out of something.  For example, the string cheese that was on sale this week was out and they substituted Harris Teeter brand no charge in it's place.  They were out of Clorox cleaning wipes and substituted Lysol for the sale price. This is great for me because I never remember to redeem my rain checks.  Harris Teeter has a good selection of Gluten Free and Organics at a reasonable price without having to drive all the way out to Whole Foods.  I try to stop at Whole Food when I happen to be out that way.

Food Lion

Food Lion is my go to for most grocery shopping.  Nearly everything is the lowest price in the area.  When the Wal-mart savings catcher happens to catch a price to match it's nearly always from the Food Lion sales ad.  I don't have time to do couponing and match ups and such.  I have other things to do.  It's always faster to grocery shop at Food Lion.  I know where everything is.  Big or small grocery shopping this is my go to place and has been for years.  It's a sensory friendly store or at least for my oldest son because he's comfortable there and familiar. 

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