Friday, October 17, 2014

Tears in a bottle

It's ADHD awareness month. Here is our testimony and response to people who say ADHD isn't real:

I have a book of referrals, notes from school, and bottle full of tears (Ps 56:8) that prove ADHD is real and trust me the rod has not been spared. It's not caused by a lack of discipline and child training or a lack of love or by spoiling my child. This is regarding an un-medicated child. I've done all the natural choices first: diet, exercise, chiropractic, behavior mod, prayer, and neurofeedback. And I'll keep doing them but it's time to add medication because all of the above is causing serious trauma to my son. He does not experience any success in school. I do not expect him to be successful 100% of the time. Kids need to learn from failure as much as success. But neither do I want my son experiencing 100% failure and discouragement. He suffers undue judgement from others who think he chooses to act like this. I taught him:
 "He that hath no rule over his own spirit is like a city that is broken down, and without walls." Proverb 25:28
 and he cries that his city is always broken but I'm showing him how to rebuild it. Paul had thorns in his side and prayed for them to be removed. Sometimes God allows these things in our lives to keep us humble. And in the book of Job, we learn that God wants us to ask "who?" instead of "why?". The Good Shepherd is seeking my son and when He finds him my son will have a wonderful testimony. So I keep loving my son, praying for him, teaching him, encouraging him, and disciplining him. God's going to use these bottles of tears to water some seeds.

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